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Life can be tough, and we can be at our worst where anybody can hurt us. Becoming weak from the inside can be dangerous for our mental health as well as for our future. We can also be at our best, living the good life, but only some of us get to do that. And having a lot of money in the bank has nothing to do with living a good life. I have seen people having a lot of wealth but simultaneously having nothing gratifying enough in order to keep them content for a lifetime.

And if you are…

Too busy looking at your Instagram stories? We can be better than that.

But the question is how?

Snapchat came up with the story idea where our piece of content stays out there for one day, and then we forget it, we tend to forget it. We hate our past so much that we don’t want to look at it again or may be save it for ourselves for the future. …

As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping. As an online marketing expert, I consider the internet as an incredible tool for putting out an idea and influence, for generating revenue.

Creating a webpage is obviously effortless nowadays as we have so many website builders in order to create a corporate, personal, or e-commerce website. But what it takes to differentiate from other brands online, is executing strategically. And strategic execution required a great plan.

When it comes to our strategic execution, our landing page plays a huge role in bringing more…

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I observed applications coming around when the Facebook app came in. We kept waiting eagerly for the red notification blip around the top right blue world icon. Understanding what an app provides us for free might cost us in terms of focus. It might cost us our attention that might have been used for good things to change for the better. Those continuous noises of apps notifications, bombarding us with their hard work and features, social awareness, and who is doing what.

Point of Distraction

Every app comes in with their own package of services, and most of them provide it for free…

It has been around 4 years since I have been designing through software, and I have learned more about it over time. When it comes to commercial art, it needs to be more persuasive for the target customers than any other painting that we do for a hobby. The taglines should be more appropriate and tacky. Rather than just a micro conversation over WhatsApp, the design has to be minimalistic and clear rather than a lot of words over a fancy background. There are some unsaid rules that only designers know when they hone their craft and take great design…

Rustagi Electronics

Manufacturing has been a basic requirement in order to create any kind of hardware products, whether it's made out of plastic, steel, rubber, or any other material. In order to make a product more sustainable and aesthetic, it requires a lot of working on several components of it, combining them into one powerful valuable product. Those same products solve daily life problems no matter the size.

Written By Diptee Pal

Beauty of Happiness

There is more to lose than to win

I am not into wine, I drink gin,

There is more to fear than to be brave,

Sometimes, I want to dig up my own grave,

There is more to cry, than to smile,

I just see problems coming from a mile,

There is more to mortal, than to immortal,

I wish I can explore

There is more to die than to live

There more to divulge, than to disguise

After all,

There is more to me, than to you.

I was sitting on my sofa with legs relaxing on the table lightly, and my hands were behind my head for support while my mind was wondering why my sister’s baby does not get bored of listening to the same poem repeatedly. But the universe is always against people relaxing like that, and to disturb my peace, a call came up of one of my friends asking for a Ludo match. Without giving a single thought about the baby conundrum, my definition of peace changed with happy thoughts of cutting the tokens of my friend’s, funny, right? …

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P.S.: I have shared my personal experiences in this article, and has an unbiased approach for the same. Also, this is not a paid gig.

I purchased one plus 7 Pro at the beginning of October, and it cost me around Rs 50,000. I did a lot of research at that time, Phones like iPhone XR, Samsung S10 plus, were equally there. iPhone XR was exactly launched with a similar cost, but at the same time offering me fewer features as compared to the astonishing android. I was shifting from old soul iPhone 6s, so I knew what an apple…

We all have come across this quote but we never really bothered to keep it with us. Even I am one of you; who read it, felt nice but forgot it too soon. So, my journey started precisely in the year 2015, when I was too eager to get an internship, and as many of my batchmates had already had one, I couldn’t resist and applied at the company, and said “ I will apply for whichever role is available at the moment”, I went for the interview, and I was told to write about a milk brand as the…

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