A Life Divided in Weekends

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Lady enjoying her weekend

Weekends, the time we wait for all week, that special time where we enjoy our cheat meals and binge like hell, where we call food delivery companies and tell them to live in our house (being funny), the time when places like CP, Hudson Lane or any other iconic bar in the world owns us, the time when we ghost our gym trainer, the time when you don't even care how much shit you are in, you intend to conquer the day.

May I ask you one question, WHY?

Why do we want to enjoy everything on weekends? They are great sunny days but this is just like we are living for 2/7 of our life, otherwise rest of the time i.e. 1 minus 2/7 is useless, pathetic, boring, tedious, dull, monotonous & repetitious. And that's why Mondays feel like a hangover and an infinite loop of Salman Khan movies (being funny again).

Angry employee

I think it will be great if do the root cause analysis for the same-

Problem 1: We only love weekends. — why?

Problem 2: Because we hate other days of the week — why?

Problem 3: Because we don't do something which empowers or ignites us from inside and simultaneously, makes us money. — Why?

Problem 4: Because we chose a career path which we don't even like and money interests and matters us more. — Why?

Problem 5: Because we were never passionate about something or never tried to make a career out of something which we had a passion for.

Sad graduate kid

I know the truth is bitter, but it is better to be aware of the root cause of why we have divided our happiness in weekends of the month. On a very recent basis, I interacted some of the college students and asked them why did you choose this college or why are you pursuing this xyz course, and 80% of them had one answer- because “It was the best college we got into, after our high school.”

They lack purpose, they never started with why! They never asked themselves why are we doing this course, what do we really want to become, what is that one thing we are really good at and how we can make a career out of it.

Here is another article I found about job satisfaction statistics, have a good read: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/jobs/employee-job-satisfaction-looks-up-in-2017/articleshow/62029882.cms

I think overall, the shit we are in, is because of our own doing. I know we should never look at our past and, but we should analyze it, measure the pros and cons of our past decisions, press the right paddle. I get it that mistakes is another virtual organ in a human body but we can learn from them and become a better person.

How we can enjoy our weekdays?

  1. Stop criticizing your work, start loving it.
  2. More interaction with your colleagues and yes, stop hating them.
  3. Start taking interest in what you do.
  4. Start thinking that you are way more than capable than what you are doing right now.
  5. Start saying TGIM (Thank god it’s Monday) rather than TGIF. (Thank god it’s Friday).

I hope this whole lot article helps you in bringing your lost happiness back on weekdays and seize the day.

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