An Indian Education V/s Real Life Skillsets

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Education is something we all go through at the primary stage of our life. Getting all through Primary & secondary school and then going for our graduation or maybe a post-graduation. But, at the end of the day, if it all matters is what kind of skillsets you have, whether we are ready for that crowdy competitive world or not. Because our syllabus or whatever we were taught was never about skills that matter. For example: How to talk to anybody or How to cope up with extreme stress in life, how to make and what should be our action point in that situation. I understand that the Indian education authority expects to learn these life skills on our own, but they are wrong about it. We can learn through someone but what’s the right way to do it and thus it should be approved by the Indian education authority.

I meet a lot of people every day. But there are very few who are doing something in the industry what they were taught about or had a major in. I understand that life motives changes with time but wasn’t the purpose of the education to educate/inform, about the fundamentals regarding the world and then heading onto more education, about that particular field that you were dreaming to achieve. Cliche career, isn’t it? And I personally believe that it is not our fault that most of us couldn’t do it. This is a result of an illogical educative administration which never thought about for the best of us. The Indian government is lagging behind and if things remain same in future, we will never be able to reach our potential, both professionally and personally.

We would witness those people who actually make the world a better place, are those who had the zeal to look directly for their dreams and understand what they need to do, to achieve it. They were passionate enough about doing something on their own, no matter what nature gave them as an obstacle, they overcome it and came out with flying colors. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Larry Elison, these are the names of all of the human brands who actually did changed the world. They proved that a degree may hold a worthy education and qualification but to build a world-class company, you just need a fist of skills and the passion to develop them.

With a simple question I would like to ask, suppose you have a company of your own and you have to get x amount of work done by Y number of people. and if a person who doesn’t have the proper education qualification to do the job or he/she is not even a graduate, but he/she can do the work with an ease, will you hire him/her? Irrespective of your answer I would likely to suppose that your answer will be yes. Because you and me, both of us know that work can be done without any education information if the person keeps that skill to complete that particular task.

There are a lot of people who sometimes get disappointed that they couldnt get a particular education and depressed that they won't get the job, but believe me, the corporate world has changed now. Business leaders are even hiring those people who likely have an experience with that particular task rather than checking and validating their alma mater.

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