Be humble like Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish at the Grammies

I am not an actor, or a singer, or any other iconic personality who gets fans standing out of my house, just waiting for me, to say hi. I haven’t experienced that yet, but I want to, we all want to, someday. We all want to be known for our talents and the exceptions that we have. Being appraised and gratified by the known and the unknown world, surely feels fantastic, or is it?

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Millie Bobby Brown, Maisie Williams, Ariana Grande, the whole band of one direction, and none other than Billie Eilish are those young superstars. He started very early in their careers. I wonder what is it like to be in the spotlight at such a young age, so young when you don’t even know how to handle that kind of stardom.

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Young Superstars from Hollywood

They go through phases of the highest level of dopamine hitting through their brains, through so much gratification and attention, when they know everyone in the world admires them, well, not everyone, to the lowest level of dopamine when they don’t even care who is around, which sometimes lead them to alcoholism and substance abuse, ultimately leading to self-destruction. And it is entirely natural for them to not feel pleased anymore from so much attention, as they have already experienced it a million times.

Just think about when something negative comes out of them. When that adorable unknown world becomes the real evil when they get criticized in masses, the audience actually showing its true colours. It becomes impossible for them to switch off everything and not give a damn about anything. They are very well aware that all of the iconicity come from the world only, and how somebody who admired them so much, can turn out to be so evil? Mostly, it pushes them into depression and anxiety, which is totally natural too, they are not made out of steel, know.

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Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus while being teenagers

Definitely, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are great examples of how that stardom can make you into something destructive, someone so self-egoistic, simultaneously, even while being a notable celebrity. I believe it surely takes a toll on them. And I am sure that it’s not their fault, nobody can resist that addiction of attention, because that is what social media companies run on until you have a thick skin and an utter level of commitment to yourself. One thing I know is that they are still one of the best singers in the world, their songs always inspire most of the youth &, drive the teenagers to be something.

Before judging them for their wrongful actions, try putting ourselves in that place, one wrong comment can ruin it all, seems totally unfair, right? But that is the kind of world we are living in. How can we expect from anybody to be perfect for everyone, when we can’t even do the same. We should treat them like a human being, as we treat our friends.

I believe humans beings are not evil at all, but rumours are. The trial of acknowledging life happening events from media to a general audience changes a lot, hides the truth mostly. What comes out as news is the product of media, or maybe that is just Hollywood.

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Ocean Eyes

In 2012, nobody knew who she was. She came into attention in the year 2015, when she uploaded the song Ocean eyes, written and produced by his twin brother Finneas, to Soundcloud. A family joint effort and one exceptionally enormous break on SoundCloud. Eilish started making music since the beginning, singing with the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus as a child. Music runs in the family — her more seasoned sibling, Finneas O’Connell, had a music profession before she did. By the age of 18, as she is now, she has awarded grammies and has already broken Guinness world records at such a young age.

She has every reason to be ruined, self-destructive, and egoistic, but she isn’t. She is cool as a cucumber, she was even depressed earlier, but she never turned to drugs or alcohol or any other substance abuse. You will never see her as somebody special in her interview videos but an ordinary person who likes to sing. most of her songs, get people out of depression and helps people making amends to their life in a right way.

I never saw her doing her music video half-naked, which is totally fine, though confusing, to make her music likeable. She has a sense of fashion that nobody has. Every time I see her in photos, it’s all about how style can wear her but not the other way around. She is majorly known for distinguished, though relatable music than can help anyone who is listening to her songs.

Her music speaks for itself, her voice is so silent and numbing though peaceful and soothing to the ears, you just want to listen more and more. What I think is that any celebrity has to learn from her, even the big ones, is her calm. I have actually never seen her saying shitty things to her fans, also when she is hustling, which is quite not the cliche. In my opinion, the biggest thing in her career is her family is always there to support her, especially her brother, who is also a singer as well as a songwriter. What blows my mind is, how somebody can be so kind and humble, at this young age, with so much weirdness, eccentricity, and recognition.

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The iconicity can keep us gratified for a shorter period, but what makes worthy of our values, is our actions.

How much work we put in our passion, actually make things work, rather than just orchestrating the positive online.

Staying calm keeps everything in order, even in the worst of times.

Be yourself because that is who you are, & evolute, but only for the better.

At the end of the day, we can all learn from her, and her music, her simplistic but surprising voice notes. We never know what the future holds for her, and I personally wish her for the best.

I hope you guys get to learn something from this article, do let me know what do you think about it, I am always up for a healthy chat over the comment section. If you like this article, do make sure to clap it up, till then, see you next time.

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