Everything you need to know JBL C100 True Wireless Earbuds

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JBL C100 True Wireless Earbuds

Note: This article doesn’t include any paid partners or sponsors. These are my honest, unbiased views on this particular product.

Music is something that I really cannot live without. While I am driving, or in my cold showers, I am always listening to music. And my father always asks me this weird obsession of mine with music, And I still explain to him how diverse rhythms and beats help me keeping up with the day. Just wonder waking up to this song, and how much push it will give us to begin the day. I prefer to start my morning with something really productive & challenging, and that is working out. It gives me a win at the start of the day, dripping sweat over my face, keeps me warmed up till the end of the workout. But one thing which I always missed was the right music to keep me motivated. My gym environment is not that good, and the track he runs, is just something, for the nights, and not for the days. So, after a point of time, I started using my own pair of earphones, which were usually very wiry, and my hands always stuck in them while I go for my sprints. And I have been using wired earphones in the gym for the last two years, so I am very much used to the problems which I face every day.

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And then, the era of wireless buds came, running everything on Bluetooth, making our charging process more hectic, and reducing our battles . . .

Read the full review at: https://himalrustagi.com/everything-you-need-to-know-jbl-c100-true-wireless-earbuds/

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