How Does Waking Up At 6:00 am Changing My Life

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Waking up in the morning looks impossible, especially when winter is around. It seems like one of those things which you want to do forever, but you never do it. Waking up early in the morning was done by me when I was in high school, I have never done it in college except for a bit in the final year. Moreover, I did it when in my first months of jobs, and then startups found me, so no way that I can be consistent on time.

So, let me tell you how my life was going and working out. I used to set multiple alarms for 6: 00 am, hit the snooze button for numerous times, and then wake up late at 9:00 am, after that I used to spend 10 minutes, regretting, that I woke up late and missed my morning workout. Moreover, then I get my lousy ass to the bathroom, for getting fresh, and then going to the office right away after my breakfast, Trying to come home before 8 am was a task. So I did the reset thing for like months. After a point of time, I was so frustrated about the whole thing then I decided to change myself.

How did I change myself?

  1. Making a timetable

Now, this might look juvenile and childish but believe me, that’s how it is going to work. Make a feasible timetable and work upon it every day. Defining time for each task you do, makes everything definitive and disciplined, and in case you get off the line, you can go back to the timetable and start again. I also experienced many failures when I started working out on my schedule. Though nothing gets perfect in one day. So it will take days to get it right and being righteously following that timetable you made with your own bare hands.

2. Be Determined for every task I did

While you do anything, there will be times when you will doubt your ability to maintain things and be persistent. Also, that will improve things, not immediately but definitely.

3. Good eating habits

Food is a necessary item. You have to make sure that you don’t eat shit/junk. Make sure you get/make a custom diet from a nutritionist or internet. There is no such thing as a food lover. Those are that people who are just eating their feelings. I understand you have your food and weekends to enjoy, but it will give you nothing but betrayal and ample fats.

I think this will change your life in a right way and who doesn’t like it when they can turn around their own life.

I hope that it helps.

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