How to Design Awesome Graphics in Seconds?

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Graphics has become a major part of businesses to show their abilities on social media handles and on their websites. It has a major role in user experience / User interface to drive businesses in the right direction, as well as to rightly acknowledge their target audience about who they are. The current estimation for the graphic designing industry is approximately $45 billion. but what if you are an individual who doesn’t have any knowledge about it? Photoshop, Coraldraw & Dreamweaver are the big players in the designing industry. They have built powerful softwares for the basic consumer, so anybody can use it and deliver the best graphics. though, the problem is that their monthly cost is too high, and everybody cannot afford it. People still use keygens and cracks for Adobe Photoshop & due to its high cost and limited security layers from the company side, Almost every designer is using the crack version.

Thousands of social platforms are being built online for daily usage and communication, or to present yourself in the most ebullient way possible. And In this heavy grown population, people are really addicted to their smartphones that they cannot leave it even when they defecate in their toilets. so whatever they see, they download it and start using it for their personal entertainment. So in these thousands of platforms, they use attractive designs to influence the person and finally help to convert them into their ultimate user. Somehow that tells a lot about how great designs can weave a home in a human heart if aligned and structured scrupulously. Creating meticulous designs takes time and hands-on experience on the look & feel corner. To shorten the process, you can use Canva, the biggest online world for graphic designing from elementary prototypes to the complex ones. they provide you readymade templates to design for festivals, invitations, posters, facebooks ads, cover pictures, youtube channel art, logo creation and what not. Not only that, you can build your custom designs, save it on website cloud and access from any device with a phone app or the quintessential desktop version.

I think the best part is that their user interface is so inviting and invigorating for a normal person to work on it that the user never feels the hindrance of creating abstruse creatives on the platform. Not only it saves ample of time for you but also get things done in a more effective and efficient way. Another problem it solves for people and designers is fetching lifestyle images and the desired illustrations at one place, though you won’t be able to access some of them for free as they operate on a freemium policy.

The major problem we feel in canva is that you cannot innovate at a supreme level, Features provided by the big players such as the pen tool, cut out tool, extravagant blending options etc. they won’t be there on canva. We will highly recommend it for those people who are just beginners and want to understand the perspective on how designing operates on an elementary level.

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