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A man with a cheerful smile, and that’s how every human on earth should be :)

Life is an incredible journey where you do and learn numerous things. Sometimes failure hugs you and stabs a knife in your back. Sudden failures and planned success are a part of this fantastic journey of life. We cry, smile, laugh, cringe, panic, lose, and win. We mostly worry about our fears, Fear is an amazing feeling, and at the same time, a melancholic sensation that we always wanted to get rid of. It creates pressure on our doings and nature, it makes us shiver sometimes, break our hearts, and sometimes negatively alter our soul to do something nonsensical, but we should question and challenge the status quo, why? Why we have to live so miserable and in so much pressure? When we can always live happily!

Honestly, it is not that difficult to live a happy life, but perpetually living in it might look like a task. So here are my ten tips to stay calm and happy!

  1. Find your purpose

It is essential to find your why. Life becomes effortless when you know the reason behind any task you are doing. You will be able to calculate your consequences and results when you will be aware of your why. The “why” answers a lot of complicated questions for you, answers that you won’t be able to find usually. Everything you do will have an objective. It can be fun or entertainment, professional gains, daily learning, etc.

2. Talk to yourself verbally

Talking to yourself might consider sound foolish, but it brings magic in your life. When you put those kind words out there with your mouth, to make yourself listen, it helps. And when you speak out those problems you are facing, to yourself, it becomes more clear what you are personally going through. You will be able to find the root cause of those problems more efficiently. We have seen a lot of times in movies whenever there is an audition, or an interview, the hero goes into the washroom, stare himself in the mirror, and start practicing his lines, the reason why we see them doing that is, it helps in the process of introspection.

3. Think positive

Think positive, think better. I know, easy to say, difficult to execute. But even believing those positive thoughts you have, helps in getting through shit events that happen with us on a very daily basis. There will be times when you will get out of a fight, and mistakenly, you will find out yourself firing out that anger on some innocent being, in some other situation. Yes, that’s how negativity impacts your life. Stay away from negative people, people who don’t know about you, people who always try to pull you down all the time; people who become very jealous when they see you with your achievements. It is always better to stay away from shit.

4. Minimalism

Minimalism is the concept of keeping those things which are relevant to your work and helps in achieving your goal in life. From an extra comb to those old set of clothes, I presume that they are all irrelevant except if you donate them to somebody who is in need. It is marked by clarity, purpose, and intentionality. At its core, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from our ultimate objective in life. Just think about an apartment that you own, you have everything there that you needed in every phase of your past life, and you have to keep it all as you love all of them, What do you think what will happen? You will be cluttered in your stuff. You will be swimming through your things in your apartment to find your clothes. So how about keeping everything as per your need and in place? You will be able to find things in time, use your time on things that are significant to your career rather than finding your dirty trimmer or finding that blue denim you dumped into your closet. If you want to go deeper for learning how to live a minimalistic life? You can always learn here at this link:

5. Be present in your present

Is it me or you also sometimes found yourself in the deep ocean of guilt and regrets, painful moments from the past that makes you cringe like a crispy snack or those worries from your future that wakes you up from your sweet dreams? So, be present in your present. Enjoy while it lasts, plan your future, learn from your past. By saying “be present in your present,” I also mean that don’t interrupt in other lives. Just walk your road, make sure that you plan your next steps.

  1. Workout and Meditate

To some people, a workout is just like a boring task. But honestly exercising and punishing your muscles makes your body stronger, you sometimes persevere and go through extreme pain, and it might last long for a few days, but you become a better person, and you feel proud about yourself at the end of the day. Meditating was something that I was not fond of, but soon after I realized that I am losing my focus as my conscious mind was going through various phases of social anxiety. I had to put it to a stop. So, I found meditating, and it was such a calming and peaceful activity to do for yourself. It helps in finding your purpose.

I hope my given collection of advice helps you in becoming a better person than you were.

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