How To Stay Happy All The Time

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Happiness comes in different packages or in different ways to you. But for once, just ask yourself, are you happy today? Are you feeling satisfied with everything you do or everything you have? The answer would be a mighty no. because the truth is that life is an unfair journey and we have to walk through it. I am an Indian and I personally believe that staying ecstatic in such a densely populated country is really tough. People on the road are frustrated because of the traffic, people in the office are frustrated with their jobs and their bosses, people in the gym are frustrated because they are not getting into their desired shape they watched on their Instagram, people on the trains are really frustrated that there is not enough space to stand on stations like Laxmi Nagar, Kashmiri gate and Yamuna bank. And there is no end to it. The biggest killer of our happiness is the conflicts we face with other people. I mean the human emotions are driven by social agreement or approval which is somehow a major factor for happiness but also another a huge cause of depression if you disagree. Living your life in your own way is another challenge on this planet, and when we try to achieve something different, then people will call you a weirdo. People just don't appreciate the creativity in others. They just want to live in their comfort zone, and when they could not achieve something, they get demotivated and thus feel unhappy all the time.

But how about we stay happy and calm in whatever we have, and in every stage of our lives. How about we just appreciate the life around us, enjoy every moment we have, find love in every road we approach. You may find these lines like a fairy tale but believe me, they are achievable. I get it that life is an unfair journey and no god can save it from the miseries you will face, the thing which matters the most is how we face it, how we tackle it.

There have been times where I gave up and moved on. I personally regret those situations where I gave up, where did not take the effort. but believe me, the best thing to forget is never giving up, no matter which it is.

Definitely, I have left ample of knowledge in the above paragraphs, but here are the ten points I would recommend/suggest to stay happy:

  1. Stay positive
  2. Stay calm, it's not the end of the world
  3. Focus on what matters
  4. prioritize your life
  5. Use your time really well
  6. Ego — let it go
  7. Be truthful to yourself
  8. More real interaction
  9. Stay quiet, listen more
  10. Get out of your comfort zone

I hope these things will help you in some way to stay happy, I get it that doing that all the time may look impossible, but what will make it possible if you try on your own.

Clap if you think this will help you! :)

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