Manufacturing Industry from a 24-Year-old

Rustagi Electronics
Rustagi Electronics

Manufacturing has been a basic requirement in order to create any kind of hardware products, whether it's made out of plastic, steel, rubber, or any other material. In order to make a product more sustainable and aesthetic, it requires a lot of working on several components of it, combining them into one powerful valuable product. Those same products solve daily life problems no matter the size.

On a personal note

I started working with my father in 2018, and since then, I am helping him in making his company a better place. I started with online and offline communication because that is where my core strength lies in. Honestly, I used to work in an ad agency just because I love the idea of advertising through commercial art. And it made it more special through social media and everything, making a seamless user experience online for the relevant audience. As well as, creating an uninterrupted process of quality hiring through partnering with multiple online hiring companies. Though, very few in the manufacturing industry understand the value of the service industry.

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Left: Bold Kiln, Right: Blue Digital Media

After leaving my job from the ad agency, manufacturing was totally a new world for me. My first impression of the production business was ugly, dirty, unorganized, impoverish, and innocent. Working in a semi-clean unorganized structure is not easy, especially when you don’t have any relevant experience in the same kind of industry. Indian Mechanical Engineers working at a very minimal salary, almost similar to the wage of labor, disappoints me the most. I admire the working of machinery as they do their job flawlessly and in time, without creating any chaos and at the same time, producing valuable products. Without any kind of stress, delivering products in no time. Though, it requires a great amount of one time working on tools, continuous manpower training, and monitoring, persistent follow-ups with clients for purchase orders.


Managing inventory is one of the most difficult tasks as it requires great control over our supply chain management. Looking over operations like they are a bunch of garden trees, growing and expanding every day. Supporting hundreds of illiterate and impoverish labor for their endurant working for half of their day.


Labour does try to screw you when you are not aware of the process very well. It is just like that salesman who is not aware of the great features of his own product and he or she is going out there in the world, promoting it for nothing. So, make sure to involve yourself in the process, just like labor does or otherwise you won’t be able to empathize with them or their problems, simple.

Working in a service industry, there are few fixed assets as compared to the manufacturing business. I always feel that property is the biggest diamond that anybody can have. At the same time, machinery is though a depreciating asset but can be helpful anytime. Paying rent is just like living is installments of pain, month by month. So either people buy it at once, take all of the pain at once, and eliminate this single suffering for life.

Client Acquisition

Acquiring customers in this industry is effortless, as people in manufacturing usually care about margins and quality products. The luxuriance of your clothes and your top-notch English speaking skills are to be acknowledged at the least. Most of the customers usually operate in assemblies and sub-assemblies, as vendors, creating value for the next assembly in the flow of downstream.

Customer acquisition is somehow a one time process for every customer, but providing consistent quality and production to customers is complex and takes time to reach on an accurate pinnacle. Millions of molding shots, thousands of coats, and hundreds of multiple quality checks from every angle are not easy at all.

I evidenced major stressors for the owner between running an organization in the service and manufacturing industry. I found major relaxation in the industry of manufacturing as machinery does its job, you just have to set the machine with accurate parameters. Whereas, in the service industry, we have to stay in constant irrelevant stress, where clients usually point out nonsensical mistakes for pleasure to pin down agencies and firms in order to reduce costs.

Hiring Engineers

I helped my father understanding how hiring good entry-level engineers can help us raise the bar of our brand and products. Obviously, it takes a lot of nurturing and training to make them ideal for the job.

We also get the opportunity to train and coach students for their life ahead and contribute a better aspect of humanity as an organization.

I also learned the hard way that hiring too much-experienced guy in the field might help you with other technical spots, but the majority of them have a stagnant intellect. And when you even try to bend things in your own way, they will surely resist. They are usually good at adding value to our company but at the same highly resistive to any other idea/learning that is out of their comfort zone.

Productivity Paradox in production

Just like human beings, operations can be contradictory too. It includes all of the proper execution of processes in order to create a product but also not making any progress when it comes to customer satisfaction, leading us all back to zero. In case if you don’t understand that, it is just like doing all of the exercises religiously, but not following any diet instructions given by your coach, which will ultimately give no better results. So, we have to make sure that whatever processes we are executing should we well optimized and should be customer-centric.

Every day, I get to learn something new, about how any plastic product is created in a computerized numerical controlled machine, to other processes such as die-casting, hydrographic, metalizing, and 3D printing.

I hope you guys get my perspective, in case if you have any questions for the same, please let me know in the comment section.

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