Nepotism: A blessing or a curse?

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I am aware that my point of view doesn’t even matter in this world, as I am nothing. Though, what matters is who praises who, for what, and why.

A practice among those with power or influence of favoring family or friends, especially for keeping them employed.

And we usually see this happening among a lot of us, not only this exists in the Bollywood industry, but in every other sector. It’s effortless, blood is thicker than water. Some of us do get employed just because our family and friends are there, we sometimes do get a better house in another state, just because some of our relatives are already there, some of us do get a loan, only because our family has better credibility, sometimes we get admission in a college, just because our relatives are there. If we are one of them, we are a product of Nepotism.

May be unlucky are those who don’t get unexpected favors, but are lucky enough to get a chance to do something on their own, create a name for themselves, begin something legendary, pave the way for their generations to come and lead. Oh, wait, what will any successful person do after they will get retired — gift their fortune to more of a deserving employee, or inherit it to their children and keep it in the family? Tough choice, I guess.

But what our parents have will be inherited from us. Not only parents pass on their fortune to their kids, but they unintentionally give on the vision as well, and then it goes on and on.

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Parents always worry about their children, no matter the condition. No matter what, they always make sure that their blood survives through thick and thin.

From a positive point of view, every parent wishes for their children to be alike and be equally happy and prosperous. And what’s better than inheriting that same fortune to their kids, and take it further. It can be in the form of assets, popularity, recognition, money, equity, property, and whatnot.

Though it comes with a lot of pros, we cannot forget the cons.

The pressure: The pressure to keep up just as your parents level is always fierce. This unusual type of pressure sometimes leads to comparison from the world, and that just sucks.

Name: Our name mentions it all when it comes to recalling our benchmark. It’s like recollecting everything about you, even when the deed was done by someone related to our family. Either it can be too good, or it can too bad or maybe nothing.

Comparison: Comparision affects us the most. Indian society is known for its comparison chart and taunts that will make you hesitant about our own conceptions. The worst thing about it when we get compared with our blood, in terms of everything such as performance, aesthetics, capability, and whatnot, which is like a usual thing in this diversified cultures of our country.

Stereotypes: It is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person that society has power over it. As they are usually led by the majority of misunderstood beings, sheep walking over conceptions and rumors, not facts.

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We all are aware of the forever happening Nepotism in the phony Bollywood industry. Everything came in light when one of the self-made actors, Sushant Singh Rajput, committed suicide in Mumbai’s balcony.

After a few days, Karan Johar took a piece of the blame, accepting his mistakes and not nurturing his relationship with him, which led to the exposure of the harsh reality of Bollywood. People started blaming everything on star kids, who were though promoted by most of the prominent directors, insignificant to the fact whether they qualify or deserve the role for the movie, or not.

It is straightforward to understand that life doesn’t have sudden or magical elevations, they happen with time. Every actor goes through a lot of pressure, the ones who are not a part of the big Bollywood family, have to go through a lot of rejections & struggle, and also have to go through the most challenging times of their lives, simultaneously, star kids who have the unknown iconicity around the world, go through a lot of pressure to match up with their parents and other popular co-stars. The only difference is that star kids have a backup in case a popular movie doesn’t make a buck, whereas as compared to the outsiders, they have to pack up for their homes, very few of them consistently succeed in their careers.

To survive in this world, what it takes is an exemplary commitment to ourselves and an unbreakable switch to shut out society and just light up our own dreams and ideas. I am aware that it is impossible to do the same as we are a social being, but we need to prioritize what is more relevant to us, is it the long time inner peace or looking for temporary unknown approval?

The choice is ours.

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