Review of Oneplus 7 Pro after ten Months

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P.S.: I have shared my personal experiences in this article, and has an unbiased approach for the same. Also, this is not a paid gig.

I purchased one plus 7 Pro at the beginning of October, and it cost me around Rs 50,000. I did a lot of research at that time, Phones like iPhone XR, Samsung S10 plus, were equally there. iPhone XR was exactly launched with a similar cost, but at the same time offering me fewer features as compared to the astonishing android. I was shifting from old soul iPhone 6s, so I knew what an apple ecosystem is, as well as I was aware of its cons as well, I was stressed about its battery life, and then, I also found out that it’s their biggest weakness, their small battery. I mean, it just sucks, so much, that you don’t want to own it anymore, but at the same time, they make you stick with their seamless UI, UX, tight security & smooth touch. But then, I also felt a lot of gravitational pull from apple. Their unique apps only working on their devices, and even switching to any other brand keeps you worried. And then, I leaped faith, in androids. Before I had an iPhone 6s, I was using a Micromax device, first thing, don’t imagine me with your judgy eyes, I had a poor sense of choice, so bare me the lecture on not purchasing shitty devices.

My first sense of One plus was in my second year of college, in the year 2016 when my friend purchased an Oneplus 3, which was the flagship in its times. For the time, when I borrowed it for a minute, I felt like somebody just handed me a piece of comfy aluminum, its touch was smooth as a steamroll. And that’s where I see the change on a macro level. More of my classmates, purchasing one plus devices, and that changed it all. From that moment, one plus surely took a mind space of mine, that space of mind where I remember all of the excellent brands, and Apple was one of them.

My hands were looking for a new phone, and I was pissed from Apple gimmicks. I thought of purchasing the One plus 7 Pro, I watched every review on the internet, read all of the articles that were available at my disposal, I was so excited about it that I paid 100 bucks extra to amazon to get it on the next day. I think Rs 50,000 is undoubtedly not a small amount, but it was all worth it. Investing in tomorrow or a technology that you believe in is just all a risk, but it is all about us — supporting us with more convenience and ease at our palm of our hands.

Good things

This is something I haven’t seen or experienced in my life yet. A screen touch so smooth feels like butter. But at the same time, consuming my battery more than usual. We get to choose the 90 Hz and 60 Hz option, to save battery. One thing that can annoy me the most is the addiction to it, once you use it for even a week, you won’t be able to shift to any other phone, and also if you do, that phone won’t be able to keep up with your swipes.

They give you four cameras in total, three in the back, one in the front. Photos are pretty cool, and they have a pro mode where you can capture pictures just like you capture in a DSLR except lens control is not there. They have a great camera to capture your moments but not even that great, will discuss the cons section of it.

They have a camera that shoots videos up to 4k in 60 fps, which is quite lovely, and feels like you are using a cinematic camera to create your movies. They also give you an essential video editing feature where anybody can use it and edit.

What blows my mind is this revolutionary AMOLED curved screen, I come from a very middle family, and even having a smartphone is also considered as a part of being privileged. But when you have this, you feel like you are on cloud nine, just kidding. The curved screen is honestly something I didn’t have the chance to look until this. Every video or photo comes alive when you see it on this screen. It feels like every pixel is stepping out from its given resolution.

The phone comes with its usual transparent cover, which most of the smartphone companies provide. Though it looks cheap and shabby, honestly, you can always find better protection here: It is very reasonable for us to drop a smartphone unintentionally on the floor or somewhere else but in my experience, I have dropped it several times, and it never left a crack either on the screen or a dent in the edges, which is pretty commendable.

Having no notch is like having no problem in your screen time; otherwise, it always feels like there is something in between, watching & keeping an eye on you. The notch ever bothered me the most as companies assure a full screen when you measure it in slant. Still, when you want to watch something on your phone, your screen automatically ignores the notch and cuts the notch sides space, playing your video in a shorter screen.

I have tried games like PES 2020 and Asphalt 8 and 9, that runs smoothly without a single lag on the phone, even after eight months. Now, I am refraining from buying a PS 5, as I am getting everything on the phone. Though I am aware that a PS console is undoubtedly different in terms of rendering quality graphics and haptic feedback, however, this phone mostly satisfies me with my weird gaming desires.

One plus oxygen OS is still number one when it comes to speed and optimization; everything is pretty much customizable to your needs which makes it even more admirable.

When I had the iPhone, I was sick worrying about the battery of my phone, either you have to implant a battery backup in your side of your kidneys or stay at home and stick to the wall charger, waiting for the phone to charge and work.

Bad things

Heavy as a brick: My iPhone 6s was so lightweight, and comfortable to carry in my pocket, but One plus seven pros are so massive that it sometimes makes your pants go down. It is impossible to go a run in case if you are thinking to keep it in your pocket. It won’t be light as other generic phones as it has a much bigger battery.

Honestly, the camera is like the most regrettable feature of this phone. Sometimes, it loses its aperture; sometimes, its photo gets pixellated in night mode. I also felt a lot of issues in its night photos. I felt like I am back to Mi 5 when I use it for capturing pictures at night.

Switching from apple to google made me most regrettable in this feature. What I admired the most in Siri was its voice over command. Siri was able to pick Hindi names for calling like a pro, and not only calling, getting other jobs done in one to go such as creating instant reminders, opening apps when you are driving, message a particular text, and to a specific person, Siri handled it well. I was surprised by google’s voice-over integration when it doesn’t understand what I said everything so slowly and numbingly. Google voice over command is so bad that it will just piss the shit out of you.

The front pop camera is evolutionarily good to remove a notch from the screen and directly increasing the screen to body ratio. It is durable and seamless though, it is a bit of expensive hardware, that takes time to open up, looks fancy when you use it for the first time, but begins to feel like a lazy boy on your phone when you need an immediate capture.

Though every phone has something accentuating and at the same time, something inadequate and abysmal.

Overall it is a good phone, but the camera is the one, where I personally regretted the most. I also do feel that smartphone companies are trying to create mobile devices with features that we don’t even need, do you also feel that way, let me know your opinion on the same in the comment section.

I hope you guys would get some idea how awesome this phone is. Even though, One plus, has upgraded a lot since then, as we can see it in their new versions such as Oneplus 8 and Oneplus nord, there will be no version of a smartphone that will be flawless . Technology won’t stop evolving for the better, and we have to understand that smartphones are becoming a part of us.

I hope you guys get some thorough feedback from the article, in case if you have still some points that I missed in my review, let’s meet in the comment section.

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