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Success here can be anything. It can be just launching a marketing campaign out there on social media platforms or it can be just be all about social numbers, more followers and engagement. But what it takes to succeed in every social media platform is helpful content and a loyal showcase of the company’s products & services, and understanding its differential algorithm how it diversifies and ends up in people’s social feeds. Most of them run on hashtags basis, as these little babies help you give mutual keywords to someone’s search. It also majorly depends on what others are thinking about it. For example, if you post a social media post on your Facebook page and hundreds of other interconnected friends are loving it, and surely their friends are likely to view the same, and might love it. And when you go bigger than just inter-connected friends, truly in the number of thousands and millions of people, it blows up. So, that is what every social media platform is usually made upon; it is like a big domino game, people relying on one after another, directly and indirectly, both.

Here are some tricks for promoting your brand on the best social media platforms that exist in this decade:


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This Mark Zuckerberg masterpiece has been with us since 2004. Though, it literally starts blowing up in around 2008. When I think about Facebook, I usually remember the blues (interface)and reds (notification). Technically, there were around 2.32 billion people Facebook users in 2018. These are some vivid tricks to promote your business on Facebook with a page:

Facebook Groups- They are the best way to promote your business for free. One of the best things about it is that you get bulk audiences who will view your post and they belong to the same field, it can be both customer or business end. So share your business posts on as many relevant groups as possible. Once you share it with the groups, you will see a major boost in your post reach bar, which might result in engagement and finally into a purchase.

Live videos- Live videos about events about your business whether its an office party or a conference for your products and services, you can shoot it all. The whole aim here is to get people on the page and get an idea of what you do. Once they see the relevance they will connect. automatically.

Potential audience Hashtags- It is one the oldest tricks in the book, to put out relevant hashtags to your products, so it can end in somebody’s else feed who is looking for the same. So, go for as much as hashtags you want to put in there, but make sure they are relevant to what you want to sell or whatever content you or posting or otherwise, it will just piss people off. Honestly, the real marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Correct copy and captions- English and grammatical mistakes will be a major blunder and if you are putting vague captions, which doesn’t connect with the creative you are posting, you are already in a blunder. Make sure that it makes sense what you write, whatever you write. Try to ignore jargon as they act as an obstacle for the average person to understand. Be persuasive and direct. (I know, difficult to understand but that’s what marketing is all about.)

Personal messaging- Personal messaging really helps in engaging with the right people. You get to surpass the funnel, and get a one-to-one conversation with a potential customer, make sure that you don’t push things such as using the phrase, you should. Asking is what it takes to get an answer and the same thing you have to do while having a conversation. Be frank, understand your customer needs, empathize with their budget and requirements, and they will be yours.

Paid promotions- Well, organic reach and engagement usually have died a paid death, why because it helps in getting sure results, but you have to make sure that your targeting is right. Use incoming data for feeding data to get the best results. If you have a website and google analytics embedded in it, you can easily pick up the data from there, such as demographics, interests and feed it into your Facebook targeting systems, as per your budget.

Facebook carousel- Facebook carousels are one of the ways to communicate in a different way about your business. Putting four creatives in one carousel with a common thematic color, which looks more stylish and helps in embedding more content rather than posting four photos in one post. The best thing about carousels is that they give you a call to action at the end of the carousel, making your customers more interested and accessible to reach out to you.


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Twitter came out in 2006, just after Facebook launch. Although I think about how much competitive analysis they would’ve done before executing the idea into the real world, and here we are. Their mission is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers, which I think every other social media aims to achieve. The best thing about this platform that it values and network people’s ideas and topics. Twitter majorly focuses on keywords you post and your conversation will have a wider audience. So here are some tricks to get your brand on top on Twitter:

Content: I know that content is king, but are you? Your content is everything on twitter, especially the captions you put in, so make sure they hit your audience the right way. Also, try to be crisp and direct, rather than using jargon and length with your words.

Hashtags: They work everywhere, but mostly on Twitter, because that’s how they curate their feeds. They work as keywords and helps us in getting a wider audience through those relevant keywords, and when you put a hash before them, they become #hashtags, tagging your content around people who are searching for the same topics and ideas.

Engage: So, don’t just work on your graphics and content, but make sure you work on engaging with people through Tweetdeck. You would be wondering what the heck Tweetdeck is? Well, it can help you tweet, reply, retweet, favorite, send Direct Messages, and manage and monitor multiple accounts and streams, all in one interface. So, leverage the free service, as much as you can.

Follow: Follow and network with people are in the same field, or just follow people who either love or RT your posts. Make sure you DM them randomly, make sure that you introduce your business in a firm way. Use phrases like Can I or It would be great, etc.


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So, they launched Instagram in 2010, after almost 4 to 6 years of Facebook & twitter era, being the only social media platform in the business.

Instagram’s original mission statement is to capture and share the world’s moments. By creating an app to use your mobile phone and capture these moments we believe to be relevant, it allows us to share these moments with each other. One of the end goals of Instagram has always been to have its users share moments with each other, and make each other aware and allow each other to be part of moments all across the globe.

Instagram is simple in terms of its user interface which even makes it more addictive for people, those reddish notification coming out of nowhere, excites us the most. and it is a great tool to get your brand message out there. So, here are some tricks that can you can use to get your marketing right on IG:

Content Templates: Make sure you create templates for your graphics to make your overall profile look, amazing. Instagram grids really help you to be creative and let you publish in an ingenious way. So, where templates really help is getting your brand recall through common visual color combinations, so make sure that choose colors that tell more about your brand.

30 Hashtags: 30 Hashtags, that’s all you have, for now. This means that you can put 30 hashtags in your captions on Instagram. Make sure you use them wisely and to keep your hashtags relevant in terms of the content you are posting every day.

Appreciating other content: Commenting good is an art, and it is just like a sales pitch or you can say, it is just like having a conversation with a potential date, but online. So social media is all about engaging and it’s something we should do not only on Instagram but also on other platforms. Tactically, go to their post, appreciate their content, understand what they’re selling and then subtly promote yourself, please make sure you don’t just go out there and start blabbering about your brand and what you sell, as it doesn’t show good faith and it kind of sends a message across the person you’re talking to that you are rude, so be positive & empathetic.

Video Stories: Video stories is the beauty of Instagram and another way to get the relevant attention that your brand needs, but how to make sure they are designed appealingly?

You can watch this tutorial of mine where I have vividly explained how to design social media stories:

Follow relevantly: Generating quality content is not enough to get a wider audience; you need to follow various but relevant people, interact with them like a friend. Take feedback about how much your brand appeals to them and listen to the criticism with patience.

Be authentic: I have seen brands that mostly use manipulative strategies to get the attention, they give us offers and discounts that look too big and cost-saving, but we realize that they aren’t costing when we transact, so make sure whatever you are posting is real as it shows our true image of who we are. Let me give you an example of the company: Josam.

They make quality furniture for big retail shops and brands. So, one day you saw their ad campaign for “good wood” which was running since last week, you saw their content and you find it useful and then got interested, and finally go to the shop to talk business, but when you arrive there, and you entered their shop floor and you find it filthy and filled with dust, but online when you saw it, it was not even the same place, people were different, machines were bigger and cleaner in photos, how will you feel?

you will feel cheated and fooled. So post and generate authentic content and be real enough, that you can talk about it with your customers in real interactions.

Real Photos: Brands on Instagram are filled with high edge graphics and videos. Do not forget the real value of photos; use real photos to show your products or company’s culture or co-workers. The essence of a company lies in its people rather than on its Instagram feed, so try to put up more real photos on your content feed.


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Pin interest has been around for a few years but it hasn’t gained popularity like other social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram.

Manufacturing Content Around Your Niche: You need to manufacture content relatable from your organisation. Stick your photos on Pinterest with abbreviated connections that enable you to follow your Pinterest traffic. Ensure that you are displaying your pins and administrations in an outwardly engaging way since this is the thing that will draw individuals’ eyes. They aren’t perusing the subtext. I recommend at least ten photos with at any rate four pins in each because that is the ‘see’ that individuals have when they went to your site (or to use a fashioner term, ‘over the crease’). Try not to leave your loads up void! After those initial 10 noticeable pins, individuals should look down to see more. At the point when somebody taps on your profile, you need to give them a decent early introduction. You need them to realize that you are dynamic, drawing in and have extraordinary substance.

Marking Your Business: Ensure that you include your business name on your Pinterest profile. On the off chance that you are marking your business name, and have your business name as your Pinterest profile username. In the “About” area, incorporate a short depiction of what your identity is and your inclinations. This zone resembles the bio territory on Twitter and ought to be short however give a decent portrayal of your business and how you illuminate an agony point for your optimal client. Associate your record with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. and, remember to incorporate a connect to your site as it shows this as a live connection under your profile!

Like Other People’s Pins: On the off chance that you run over pins you like, however, aren’t valuable to your group of spectators or be something that you need to stick to one of your sheets, you might need to consider enjoying them as opposed to repining them. Whenever you like somebody’s stick, it will appear in their activity feed. This may catch their eye and get them to tail you. Use Keywords For best Search Results: Hashtags are never again important on Pinterest as the quest capacity searches for watchwords in stick depictions. When composing your stick portrayals, ensure you are using the catchphrases as many people would use to locate your content. For instance, on the off chance that you need to be found under the watchword ‘travel’, you would clearly utilize “travel” some place in your depiction. This makes it simpler to be found and will make more adherents also. More adherents = more presentations.

Notice Other Users: You can refer to others in your Pinterest remarks or stick portrayals to stand out enough to be noticed or to remember somebody explicit. Pinterest profiles are fundamentally the same as Facebook and Twitter. Type the @image before beginning to type the name of the individual. A drop-down box will show up and your decision ought to be shown there for you to choose. One last note on this, you can just make reference to clients who are tailing you on at any rate one board. At the point when you notice somebody utilizing this strategy, they will get an email (on the off chance that they have their settings set up for email) and the @mention will be connected back to their profile.

6. Use Pinterest’s Browser Extensions for Easier Pinning: Pinterest offers program expansions for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Downloading the augmentation gives you a stick it catch directly in your program’s toolbar. This is an extraordinary method to rapidly stick things you see while surfing the Internet. When you have introduced the expansion, you will have the option to just right-click, pick Pin this Image starting from the drop and have the option to pick the board that you need to stick it to. On the off chance that you see an incredible pair of shoes, you will be able to stick that picture to a board on your Pinterest account. Not only will it stick the realistic element; but also, it will connect back to the beginning source.

7. Pin Videos: Pinterest doesn’t enable you to stick pictures… you can likewise stick recordings. Pinterest enables you to stick recordings from destinations like Dailymotion, TED, YouTube & Vimeo. To stick a video, you need to ensure you have the ‘share’ URL of the video; not the URL where you viewed the video or the install code. On YouTube, for example, you’ll discover this connection under the video under ‘Offer’. Pin Smart: A decent depiction will more than likely pursue the creative as it gets repinned so ensure that you incorporate your business name in the portrayal (this is especially significant if your username isn’t your business name). Upgrade Your Graphics: Ensure you are utilizing a realistic in your blog entries that is unmistakably connected with the substance. At the end of the day, don’t use a realistic of a camel on the off chance that you are discussing how to barbecue an extraordinary steak. Pictures that are truly starting a lot of pins on Pinterest are incredible visuals and tap into feelings somehow or another. You should consider adding a reasonable content portrayal to your reality with the goal that it is clear what your content is about; like the realistic at the highest point of this blog entry. When making designs for your blog entries, make certain to incorporate the name of your post just as the URL of your webpage, that way you get the credit and place your picture is shared! For additional on upgrading your pictures, see my post How to Create Pinterest Images That People Love to Share.

Stick out, be innovative and the majority of all; be interesting!


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I have been using Snapchat for a while now and have been using it since its inception, and I particularly observed the changes. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown found it. When it came to life, there were no irrelevant ads, no persuasive content to act upon, just stories and people who want to exchange photos in private. In story ads, after their launch, they were exclusively advertising giants only. And now, even that has transformed. Now, even small companies can easily advertise on the platform. So, here are few tricks to succeed on Snapchat and get your brand going:

Content: Content is king here and it always will be. But specifically, I will suggest you create 9:16 format videos as they fit into a phone resolution, just like Instagram stories. So, you can simply upload the same content for Snapchat as much as you upload on Instagram. Photos can easily work as posters on the platform and seamlessly help you get the message across the audience.

Adding People: It is simple, add as many people as you can. People who can be your potential customers, or might help in growing your business, add them all.

Snap Convey: After adding people, you can send other people snaps in private to multiple people at once, and that is the best place to engage with people, and to be at. Public content is good, directly messaging them is even better. So, try to be more personal and custom with people, so they can understand you and they can do the same for you.

Snapchat Ads: In case, organic doesn’t work, you can always pay them and get the job done. But make sure you choose a relevant audience to advertise, do not select randomly because it will end up to the wrong people and it will be a waste of money.

You can simply go here and get started:


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Linkedin has been with us since 2003 and was founded by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillantwith with the sole purpose of social networking among our business community. The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally. And it can be one of the greatest tools for getting the right leads and for developing your business, and surely advertising and branding your company comes into play.

Here are some tips and tricks on LinkedIn advertising:

Rich content: Post content that layouts values of your organization. Include 140 characters of captions with a subtle call to action in some of your posts. Keep your words more professional and executive rather than frank and candid. And make sure you follow a pattern of dates on which you post content. It is one of the best products of LinkedIn, a place where you can upload presentations and documents to showcase others. There you explain your business in the form of a presentation and simply share it on LinkedIn.

Adding more professionals: You cannot add people through the company page, but you can do it with an account, for sure. So, add people who are working in the same industry and try to create a network that can help you solve a problem.

Engaging with Professionals: After adding people, you can surely engage with them. Wishing them for their professional journey is one of the elements of engaging conversations, not only you have to survey with people but understand their needs, and then you have to explain how you can help them with your business.

The power of Articles: You cannot publish articles through your company page, but you can definitely do it with an account. Well-written and elaborate articles help readers and the curious ones to understand things better. Also, make sure you add an engaging header for your blogs for getting more clicks on your articles.

The Right Hashtag: They are powerful in terms of how others find you. So, write them relevantly.

Paid Ads: The organic life has always died the paid death. So use it in the most significant way, as you have bet your money on it. There is a bit learning curve in how you can become a pro in running LinkedIn ads, but you will be able to learn it.

Types of Ads formats on LinkedIn:

In a nutshell, each platform helps you in retrieving the audience’s attention in a different way, mutualities are there in terms of how a user can post, but it really helps you in getting out there, seamlessly. We can use social media as a significant tool for marketing your brand and gain relevant customers, customers who believe what you believe and customers who don’t care, which are always welcome. The best thing about social media marketing is efficiency. You just need to follow some steps, understand how social platforms work, diversify their content and voilà, there you have it, your perfect social media strategy.

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