Why we should take Cold Showers in Winters

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My mornings in the shower

Winter: The season of extreme chill, so much chill that can make you sick. I live in Delhi, by the way, and here, every weather is intense. Heat in the summers here is so much extreme that your ass can really get some burn marks while you sit on your two-wheeler, your car becomes a solar cooker, trapping all of the heat energy from direct sunlight. So, if you live somewhere in the south, you are not only south Indian, you are actually lucky, except the rains which can literally flood the whole city.

Since our childhood, our parents have taught us to bath in a 1:1 ratio of hot and cold water, respectively. And it feels pleasant, comfortable, and safe. You get out of the shower/bathroom, put your favorite clothes on, but there is one problem: You stay in your comfort zone. Every day you do it, and you don’t get out of it, and believe me, it doesn’t make you any sick; it is just your subconscious belief that makes you think that you will be sick. Your friends and family discussing freezing winters make you even more immune to the thought of even touching the cold.

You will have thoughts, like why Himal is trying to convince us regarding our bathing style, at the end of the day, it is just bathing.

Well, it is not just bathing, it is also the first task of the day, or second, if you work out in the first place. So, I will highly recommend you guys to elevate your morning by doing the primary task of the day with honor, greatness, and a win.

Or we can all make jokes about it.

Bro, we wake up 9, that’s a win.


Himal, I shampoo and put my towel for drying, that’s enough greatness in me, what else do you want?


Bro, you are talking about honour? I pray God every day, so technically, I am not filled with honor, honor is filled with me.

Well, we can all flush it with a joke, or we can live the way up to our potential.

How does it Help?

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Cold showers are the thing that otherwise called cold treatment, a.k.a cryotherapy. The freeze becomes your warm companion. A genuine introduction to the cold comes with a course of medical advantages, including the development of dark-colored fat tissue and resultant fat misfortune, decreased irritation that encourages a strengthened insusceptible framework, well-balanced hormone levels, improved rest quality, and the creation of endorphins — the awesome-feel synthetic substances in our mind that usually hoist our state of mind.

When you go into a cold shower, you shrink, your brain automatically starts to use the resistance mechanism, you kind of, actually resist. But if you have the courage, if you think you are mighty and brave, and you believe that you are a living example of boldness, then you will move in.

Your nervous system will go in the plethora of shock, where your alertness of mind will open its doors, your ability to live in the moment will rise, and you will finally be able to walk on the path of your excellence. Your fear of cold will end, your pointless battle with the cold will unintentionally come to an end.

The first days will be hard and violent, you might find yourself shouting, but you should persist, no matter what, just like in any other war. After doing for a month, you will be much stronger and happy about it as you overcame something which most people resist even about the thought of it.

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When you come out of the shower, your body will be glittering out of courageousness, and the best thing you will find that the usual cold that happens from the outside environment is not affecting you at all.

After doing it for four months, you will start missing them, as summers will overtake. And you won’t miss them because the summer weather is here, you will miss them because you will get addicted to the morning winnings and the days you conquered your fear, You will become obsessed with those cold showers that gave you the boost and the attentiveness on those chilly days.

I cannot claim about making your skin and hair better, as I am not a doctor, but it surely worked like magic on me.

If you still don’t have the time in the day, you can always start tomorrow.

I hope this article helps you in becoming a better version of who you were, share it with someone who you actually feel like they need it.

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